Security of company details and telework

The COVID19 pandemic has sped up telework and favoured employees to have access, from a home, to their offices. However, beyond the new Temporary work regulation ─published on BOE on 23rd November─, does telework guarantee your company details are safe?
The answers is hardly going to be positive. Why? Well, first of all, because network managers ─who are responsible for data security while making sure there are no cyber-attacks, which lead to data being taken hostage─ have protocols and security systems implemented in computers at work, but not at home.
In general, computer situations at home are not compatible with company networks. Thus, companies must foresee and properly execute a strategy that allows for telework to be implemented. By doing so, they will be able to offer security to the information managed by users and the necessary flexibility for telework.
In Enracat, we think that the solution to telework requires an entry system to the company (router-firewall) properly configured to take potential external attacks. Enracat works to establish minimum requirements in PC’s used by employees and, for example, allow for business antivirus software or a managing agent of remote devices to be implemented and, in general, evaluate what type of connection, authentication and encryption is required in order to allow an external connection to get access to a company’s servers.
In Enracat, we guarantee telework for companies with computer systems that do not overload users with procedures, protocols, passwords, tokens, certificates and other annoying “cyber-complications”.